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    Kali has shown various symptoms throughout the time I've known her and I finally talked her father into getting her the help that she needs a few months ago. Kali's plight started when she was about 15 months old her mother and father were having problems and Carli was on the way, Well about 3 weeks after Carli was born her mother decided that she did not want the responsibility of the two children and left them in the care of their father. (Their mother has stated that Kali seemed to have emotional problems very early on) She came back and got Kali and kept her for a couple more months and bought her back to her father at 18 months of age, she then exhibited signs that she was sexually abused while in the care of her mother (most likely her mothers step-father at the time) After bringing Kali back the second time (she lived in another state) Her mother made infrequent 15 minute suprise visits to the two girls. Until I stepped in in 1994 and wrote her a letter about how the girls needed to see their mother and her visits came about every three months until 1997 when Steve and I had our child together. That was the last time we heard from her when Neal was a few days old...she had came here to visit her father when he was in the hospital to have surgery. Jennifer bought her girlfriend with her on that visit and her new lifestyle was not approved of while she was here apparently (by her father etc...)

    Kali's abandonment has caused her RAD she has an attachment to her father that borders on unnatural. Her ODD is directed at women mainly, (mostly me)she was seen by two female therapists and she did not act like herself, it took a male therapist to get to act like she does in general while she's at home. She is extremely jealous of her sister and of the baby at times, It is my belief that she blames her sister for her mother leaving, because Jennifer left so soon after Carli was born.
Remarkably, Carli ("the accidental child") is doing very well despite not having a constant mother figure until I came along. Carli bonded with her grandmother and her father.

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