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I've discovered Pixel Drawing and I just can't help myself
Call me Pixel Manic!!

I've found wonderful tutorials to do these things right down to the background, and I thank everyone who puts their tutorials online, so I can learn more about PSP, thats Paint Shop Pro to those who don't know. A demo version can be found at

The magnification and the intricate detail that goes into these can not truly be appreciated until you've drawn one yourself

Calico Cat Castle Lil Gray Bunny
DragonflySleeping Kitten blue-green ButterflyFlame Point Cat Pixel DollRainbow Butterfly
Rose White CatEnvelopeWendy DragonflyPrim Angel

My Cork Board
Alright this one isn't pixels but it's pretty darn cool huh?

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Bunny, Calico Cat, Castle tutorials Poison
Sleeping Kitten tutorial  Fantasy DreamWorld
Dragonfly tutorial Louise
White Cat Kat Korner
Flame Point Cat, Rose with stem tutorial Moe
Pixel Doll tutorial  Sandra
Butterfly, gradient wings tutorial Nancy Park
Ickle Wendy doll
Primitive Angel,Dragonfly with trails Japhe
Cork Board tutorial, could be from: (Requires membership)
Dragonfly tile tutorial Whispers Corner

These tutorials were written by these other people, the graphics shown here were drawn by Me ~Glacier Rose
Do not take and claim as your own!
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