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FountainWhite RoseFountain
Dancing Shoe
Christmas in July Patriotic Heart
Scooter GrayScooter Red
Our Turtles

Outline and Tutorial Credits
Sexy Shoe, Turtles, Patriotic heart, Candle group, Candle w/stars outline Ruthie's Pixel Place
Flag Banner outline, Blinky Block Tutorial DownUndah
Scooter outline glitzerli @Pixelkins
Trellis, Fountain Outline His Mercy @Pixelkins
White Rose outline Moe
Friendship Light @Cinderella-Designs
Christmas Tree @Vanilla Fields
Popsicles, PiePSP Larry
Flower (Blush* I can't remember, please claim it if it's your outline)
Dragonfly with trails (background tile) Japhe