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Frustrated Incorporated
Web Design

Welcome to my web design page, 
let me tell you about Frustrated Incorporated.
I've never made any money for making my pages, 
I just love the name I came up with for myself
So you could say I'm a non-profit organization ha
I've helped several people get their sites up and running.
I give technichal support when I can,
and help anyone who needs it all they have to do
is look befuddled 

I dabble in making graphics in my
PSP 7 (Paint Shop Pro) program
I have made some backgrounds and a few websets
but I have a weakness for country mousedrawn graphics
and I really can't draw a lick!
I truly appreciate the people who can draw and offer their
graphic websets to those of us who cannot.

I had a lot of help when I was starting to do HTML
from my friend Chas aka SkiDude whom I have lost touch with
Chas if your out there give me a Holler!
I swear I don't have any questions about HTML this time! LOL

As Far as HTML editors go, yeah I cheat a little at times
I really like Homesite by Allaire but it's a little expensive
for some people, I found a poor(wo)mans version called
1st Page 2000 by Evrsoft, can't beat the price and functionality
it's free!

I've had questions ranging from 
"How the heck do you get your fonts to show up like that?"
"How do you get your text to line up the way it's supposed to?"
my first question seems silly now
"How do you get the images to show up, what'd I do wrong?"
I was putting IMG SCR  instead of IMG SRC  dur silly me!
Again thank you to Chas for putting up with me!
this page created an maintained by Frustrated Inc.content ©2005