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 Addie Joan
 6 pounds 4 ounces
 19 inches
 March 15th, 1999

The Blessed Event
It happened like this ...
after "not" being in labor for 3 weeks and dilated to 5 cm my water finally broke Monday night as I was helping a friend look for a house on the internet.It was about 8:00pm, I woke Steve up and told him what had happened and called my mother (who tried to talk me into waiting to go to the hospital hehe) after Steve got dressed and grabbed my bag we went to the hospital. I made a comment to the nurse that they weren't sending me home this time! (4th times a charm) They checked me and I was at 5cm, a little discouraging since I already knew that... and again they checked a little while later and I was at 7cm...and in a LOT of pain! They told me it was going to fast for pain medication and at 8 cm they called the doctor (he'd just finished a c-section)
He came in and checked me and said I wasn't complete there was still a lip on my cervix but to give a little push to see if it would give way...Did it ever! I had to breathe to fight off the urge to push while they were putting my legs in the stirrups and as soon as they were up my hind water broke and splashed the doctor and she came flying out too, at 10:41p.m. (Steve said the Doctor caught her by her ankle she came out so fast)He laid her up on my stomach feet first and I glimpsed to see if she really is a girl like the ultrasound said (ok I looked twice to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks lol)Daddy cut her umbilical cord and then they took her to the nursery to check her blood sugar and test her for Group B Strep, the doctor stitched me up and went to take a shower (he was soaked, poor doc)
Addie's blood sugar was a little low at one point during the night so they gave her glucose water to bring it back up and bought her to me about 3:00am to feed her, she slept through it though couldn't wake her up enough to try until 6:00am feeding.

Arriving Home
We had to wait on her Group B culture to come back before they would release her she came home at 10:30 am on the 18th of March. All dressed in pink from her head to her toes *G* Mama's Rosebud
(Daddy thinks Mama's on pink overload hehe)

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