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 Neal Zane
 5 lbs 10 oz.
 19 inches long
 September 12th,1997

The Blessed Event
It happened like this ....I had been on Brethine for premature labor. But this young man was very persistent, after 5 days on the mediaction he decided he really wanted to be born.
I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart and I decided to call my mother and go get checked figuring they would give me another shot and send me back home again.Boy was I wrong *s* I was admitted and already dilated to 7cm.

Neal was frank breech after the aggitation of the medication. Things started happening very fast from then on.I had an ultrasound and they got really worried when they saw the amniotic sac bulging into the birth canal (so they can't say for sure I was 7cm that was just a guess)

I was prepped for an emergency c-section. As I was trying to page Steve (who wasn't answering)they were taking off my nailpolish scrubbing and shaving me about all at the same time. I had student doctors and nurses all over the place.

I was shaking like a leaf and not any amount of control could stop me from shaking. My Mother was scrubbed and gowned to be there with me since Steve wasn't there yet. after all this (I was admitted at 10:20a.m.)I was sent down to finish prepping for surgery, they had me on the table and were hooking me up to monitors almost ready to administer the spinal and FINALLY Steve showed up (it took a 911 on the pager to get him to move LOL)

I couldn't feel anything from the chest down my fingers were even numb from the spinal. The next thing I heard was that the doctor was delivering his head,(I didn't even know I was open yet lol)and a few minutes later my Sugie was bought into view (At 12:07p.m.) with his pitiful little cry, I cried too.

The pediatrician checked him over and he peed on him in the process (poor Dr. Eric lol)then Steve held him up so I could nuzzle his cheek and he was whisked away to the OB ward to spend time with Daddy and his Grandmas who were waiting for him.I didn't get to see him for a couple hours while I was in recovery.

Coming Home...
Since Neal was a preemie he had to spend 6 days in the hospital to make sure he could keep his body temperature up and keep his weight stable.

When we got home Granny had put up blue balloons in the front yard to welcome him home,

And he's been Mommies Little Sugie ever since *s*

See the grown up Sugie

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