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:: Phrozen Poetry ::

Sometimes I think about you
way too much
and it leads to frustration
I sit and think
and I start to feel
a tingle that I can't
quite explain
the hot and cold at the
same time feeling
The origin of which
I'd be too shy to explain.
My mind runs away with
questions and thoughts
formed in my head.

Such as...
how much could I fit here
or maybe even there...
I'd love to feel you
in me again
to feel the power
in my hands.
Wanting the spark
that crackles
like ozone between us.

Well Behaved and Quiet
Not Causing a Scene
blending in and hoping
to not be forgotten

Often keeping things
to myself to make it
easier on you
Because I already
know you have a lot
to contend with at home

I resist the urge to
throw a tantrum
and tell what I think
Refusing to
sink to that level
and likely embarass

Out of Love for you
I try to remain the
Distinguished Mistress

Looking into your eyes
rendered me incapable of
coherent speech.
I feel strangely shy
despite the fact that
you used to have
every facet of me
Your touch is exquisite,
your lips make my
heart accelerate.
The joining of body and soul
fills me and makes
me feel complete.

Quiet Hours
In these quiet hours
before everyone is awake,
my thoughts are of you
Missing you,
Loving you,
Wanting you,
Needing you,
Adoring you,
absorbing you into
my soul.
Replaying the moments
weíve stolen together
a loop in my mind.
Each and every
Silently, driving me crazy.

Your hands
touch my
different yet
the same again
The element of time,
years spent apart.
Anticipation of renewal
of a flame that never burnt out.
Left simmering in a corner of our mind.
Unexpectedly, deliciously
pulled to the front again,
by a twist of fate.
Typed conversations
deep into the night,
lengthy e-mails,
detailing our plight.
I love you, murmured
on the phone with
giddy delight.
My face with a smile,
too long gone
until you placed one there.
I Love You

The other night my imagination
took you to bed
the candlelight and the loving
words that we said
lifted me from the emptiness,
I felt inside
and for brief moments...
I didn't miss you, so very much.
it was wonderful to feel your touch
on my skin
Like being lifted from a dream
Gentle Caress
Laying me back
to receive the gift
of you

Relentless Tease
come take me please
and you know the place where
I want you to go.

When you touch her
do you think of me
or close your eyes
and cease to see
Do you pretend
Do you hold back
or just perform
when she's on the attack
in your mind who
do you see
could it be to much to hope
that it would be me.

From You to Me

I sit alone, head in hands
Thinking of what might have been.
Thinking of what could have been,
Thinking of what should have been...
Would we have ended up back in each others arms,
After all was said and done?
Or far apart as we now are?
Itís too late to dwell upon the past,
What I should be thinking about isÖ
Should this ever be?
Could this ever be?
Could someone like her, be with someone like me?
Not a night goes by without me thinking of her,
Is she happy? Is she smiling? Is she thinking of me?
Would she be as content as I, if she were lying by my side?
Sleeping beauty, head on my shoulder, hand on my chest, softly
breathing on my neck as she dreams.
Should I be having the dreams Iíve had?
Dreams of her family and mine, as one.
Is it really that far fetched, to think she
Would even consider such a thing?
These things keep me awake at night, wondering, wishing.
The answers I may never know, but in my dreams,
Anything is possible.


Walking along the shore
the waves gently lapping
over my toes
sun shining on my face
I close my eyes and smile.
Comparable to being
with you.
Before you found me again
my days were all the same.
Almost no beginning or
no discernable end to them.
You found me, listened to me, made me laugh, made me cry.
Made me love you
all over again.
You awakened in me the desire to be alive.
And all the would have, could have, should haves
canít change the way I feel at this moment.
I need to see you, feel you and touch you
just to make sure that you are real.
That Iím not stuck inside a dream
that I donít want to wake up from.
I miss you like crazy.
Je t'aime et vous conduisez-moi ŗ la distraction

Rhythmic contraction
shudder and quake
longing for
something more
my hand isn't what
I'm seeking
muscles taut
elusive sleep
congestion of blood
rushing netherward
imagining the things
you could do
ah yes that it
harder faster
don't stop
it's done
and I'm sweating
alone in the dark
Missing you...


To imagine how it
would feel to
have your arms around me
outside the virtual world
to feel the
warmth of your
hands on my skin
breast to chest
heart to heart
touching my face
tipping up my chin
to look into my eyes
Blue locking on to green
Green looking into blue
feeling intensity
trying to read
each others thoughts
Drinking you in
holding you close...
---Settling for
dreaming you near.

rose unfurled

the rose unfurled at the softest,
slightest, sensual touch.
bodies pressed, not undressed
no necessity to be joined.

mind soar, heart thunder,
looking in your blue eyes
with awe and wonder.
until mind goes,
into a kaleidoscope

unzip, unsnap,
have to have it
where are you at
unfocused bedroom eyes
seek you out with my thighs

oh yes, thats the spot
put it in...blazing hot
thrust in
the rose has bloomed
the mind blinked out


Another sleepless night,
spent writing in the semi darkness.
Playing a waiting game I didn't win.
throbbing bud, missing a touch,
hungering for something I can't give myself.
Legs pressed tightly together in frustration,
with no expectation of relase.

An Exercise in Frustration

I can't slip into sleep
for I know my dreams will find you.
Tossing and turning
becoming entrapped
in the twisted knot of the sheets.
Finding the longing for sleep
has been transferred to
the center of my being.
Like the insistent pulse of a heart
the longing for something
torrid yet sweet simultaneously.
The fire burns bright,
but goes unsated.

Pink Angel

I'm out of things to read so I think I
just might write, to occupy my mind
and keep real life out of sight
In the zone, headphones on
bottle by my side
liquer, a shade as blue as life.
dreamed I was an angel in a
gauzy pink dress light as air
against my breast.
visiting you in the night
floating on air as you sleep peacefully.
wishing you would wake up and notice me,
take me in your arms and wash my world away.
Then I wake and fly away
it was just a dream.