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    Kali is 8 years old and in second grade, she suffers from several different emotional problems that are very hard for her and our family to deal with at times.

    I'm hoping to tell her story and put some useful links for parents with children who are or could be like Kali.

    Kali had ADD which is Attention Deficit Disorder, RAD which is Reactive Attachment Disorder, ODD which is Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and possibly PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder.She also has a speech articulation problem too which is being addressed through the schools Title I program, she is taken out of the mainstream classes for special instruction in Speech and Mathematics.

    I've been in Kali's life for about five years, her father and I have been involved and planning to get married, we have one child between us and another on the way. Our family unit is comprised of Kali's Father Steve and myself, my son Wade from a previous relationship, Steve's other daughter Carli, Kali of course and Neal (the child we share)

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